Sunday, 12 December 2010

More prizes in time for Christmas!

That's right, you've got the chance to win again, just about in time for Christmas to make it that little bit sweeter... !

1st Prize: The Hügelherzblut Classic die Kurze, sponsored by Hügelherzblut, your new favourite companion to take you around town, cruise mellow hills or go sliding with.

2nd Prize: A set of brandnew Nersh Candy wheels, fresh on the market, sponsored by Link Distribution. 70mm diameter, 76A duro which makes rough and uneven road surface a breeze.

3rd Prize: Get some PINK in your life! A set of pink Crail 180mm trucks, perfect for carving, cruising or if you want to point your deck Downhill - a lovely allrounder and most certainly the pinkest truck there is...sponsored by Layback Distribution.

4th-10th Prize: Goody bags containing T-shirts, flip flops, beanies etc etc, wait and see! Sponsored by Reef, Femipleasure, Insight, Trasher, Sixxa.

All you have to do to call one of these babies your own is to tell us what longboarding means to you. Closing date is the 31st of December 2010, all emails to the usual address blog[at] please. Oh, and as always legal recourse is excluded ;-)

A massive Thank You goes out to our lovely sponsors!

* Link Distribution (Nersh, Trasher, Sector9)
* Black Distribution (Reef)
* Layback Distribution (Crail)
* Hügelherzblut
* Sixxa
* USP Distribution (Femipleasure)
* Insight

And now get writing!


  1. Who won these prizes?

  2. You'll find out very soon, sorry we've been a bit slack of recent, need more hours in the day!