Saturday, 2 July 2011

Back from the dead!

Sometimes life's a bitch, sometimes life gets in the way but either way we're back from oblivion, and last weekend we went to the Houyet freeride in Belgium...

It's Friday 5.30pm and after a smooth transition from my office chair into the driver's seat we're set to go – destination: Houyet, Belgium.
Friday night rush hour = nightmare, it takes us about 2h to get out of town from West London but we make it, pick up Kami the flying Frenchman on the way and arrive in Dover well in time for our 10pm ferry. Said ferry's delayed and I'm tired, so trying to get some much needed sleep since we've still got another 270km to go on the other side. I'm surrounded by screaming children and the sound of angry birds on some dude's phone, so zzzzz isn't really happening. Whatever. By the time we get off the ferry in Dunkirk, France, it's dark and raining. Driving on what is the correct side of the road for me (since I'm from the continent) in a vehicle that's got the steering wheel on the wrong side far not as weird as I thought it might be, whew. I'm really tempted to just stop over somewhere and get some kip as I am starting to go cross-eyed but fuck it, I'm putting my foot down and eventually we set up camp in Houyet at around 4.45am on Saturday morning.
Part of me is already starting to accept the fact that I probably won't be skating very much on Saturday simply because I'm completely shattered. Poosticks.
Surprisingly enough, I manage to wake up pretty early – to the sound of rain. Half gutted, half not bothered since still half asleep I get up to see what's going on and decide to hang around and see what the weather's doing while enjoying watching carnage in the wet at one of the corners.
Since it's pretty warm the track is drying up quite quickly once the rain's stopped, so I have a little power nap after lunch before gearing up. On the way to the track I spot Fee who I've been waiting for all along, together with 2 of her friends who also made it. Awesome.
All of a sudden it's already about 3pm or so, so only have a couple of hours riding left in the day. I'm taking it easy having lots of fun with Fee and Yvi and the UK DH crew. Happy times!
With the evening comes the hunger and I'm oh-so-glad I brought my own food since the first thing I make out on the camp site's restaurant menu is frog's legs followed by snails. I DON'T THINK SO. Being a vegan on tour = difficult, thank fuck for tofu, alpro soy and the nearby Belgian version of a chippy.
Once food's been sorted Saturday night's got it all, from bum techno to twatted teenagers oh yeah!
I fall into my tent at about 11.30pm, my body's simply given up for the day. As I open my eyes on Sunday asking myself if I really need to be awake, I see the sun, FUCK YEAH! An absolutely lovely day, I can't wait to get on the track.
In the morning we decide to don our leathers which quickly get way too hot so back to pads it is for the rest of the day.
Less words more images, have a look at some of the awesome footage here, thank you so much guys to those who filmed, yes that's you Rob, Olivier and Aidan.

Wallonhill 2011

Houyet Freeride 2011 (Wallonhill) - Team 360 Edition

We're meant to go back to Blighty on the 8pm ferry but the weather's too nice and too much fun is had so screw it, we're staying on. Somehow I manage to get us back to London and I'm home in my bed safe and sound at around 2.30am. Bliss.....and all of a sudden it's Monday morning again and back to the grind it is but I don't give a shit, Im still smiling (on the inside, yawning on the outside).
A truly amazing weekend, a massive thank you, dank u & merci to the whole Blütcher crew and all their marshals and volunteers who made this event run so smoothly, all the UK guys with whom great times were had, Alex for being an awesome co-pilot and keeping me awake and of course the wonderful Frau Fee, plus everyone else I haven't mentioned! Picture credits go to Jon Steel, Sick Boards, Michael Claessens/Beatrijs Berré and yours truly:

You bet I'm back there next year, in the meantime I'm getting excited about summer road trippin', first the KnK Longboard camp, a much anticipated first-time event in Slovenia followed by Gioasteka in Switzerland, the mother of all freerides which will see a few of us girls get together again so watch out for the pink (and be there)!

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